November 12, 2013

arkansas visit

hello friends! 
A few weekends ago my family went to Arkansas to visit the campus Annie will we living next year. Yes, we officially have a razorback in the family!
We got there late on Friday and spent the whole day Saturday walking around in the beautiful fall colors of Fayetteville. Seriously stunning. I would move to Fayetteville for their fall colors. :) 
Anyway, we filled three bags of Arkansas gear like a normal proud family would do, bundled up for a football game, visited old friends and then headed home. 
What a wonderful weekend.
Happy fall, y'all! (sorry I had to)       


a iphone snap of me and sidekick ;)

the sisters (minus 2)

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  1. OH MY!!!!! Lovely reds and golds. Miss you dearly

  2. Great colours, just gorgeous!!!

  3. Great shots, I love the Fall colors!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the bright colors!

  5. What gorgeous colors! Love the first photo.


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